Friday, December 20, 2013

Inspired Volume 3

Queen Wild Scraps has a new template set for sale. There is some fabulous white space and one set has some cool postage stamp frames you can clip with paper. The template set is on sale for 50% off today through December 26th.QWS_I3_previewweb

Wild Princess Inspiration

Beth has two fun layouts. QWS_I3_Beth1 QWS_I3_Beth2 
 Henriett used Glam Christmas for the first of her two layouts. QWS_I3_Henriett1 QWS_I3_Henriett2 Kandice has a cookie decorating layout. QWS_I3_Kandice1
Kristal has three great layouts that showcase Christmas activities.QWS_I3_Kristal1 QWS_I3_Kristal2 QWS_I3_Kristal3 
 Lyndee has a great layout she did for the Quote/Slogan Challenge at SNP this month.QWS_I3_Lyndee1 
 Teresa used At the North Pole for adorable Santa layout.QWS_I3_Teresa1 
 Tina filled her white space with a neat stitched alpha title.QWS_I3_Tina1 
 Trinity has a precious layout with some neat selective coloring.QWS_I3_Trinity1

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