Friday, June 14, 2013

Jubilant June

Jubilant June is releasing today!!! It is the latest in Queen Wild Scraps' monthly series. The colors are fabulous! They definitely make me think summer. All the fun outdoor elements are perfect to scrap all the outdoor fun you're having this month. And don't forget about the Dads. There's a Father's Day tag and a grill, two things that frequently go hand in hand. Although in my house, I do the grilling. And sadly, I learned something recently about grilling chicken leg quarters (or other bone-in, skin-on chicken) that I wish I had known earlier. Make sure you put tin foil under them or use a foil pan as the fat has a tendency to drip and cause flares. My whole grill was in flames and James had to use the fire extinguisher.
You can pick up Jubilant June on sale for 30% off through June 20th.
WildPrincessInspiration_Banner WildPrincessInspiration_Banner_Beth QWS_JubJun_Beth1 QWS_JubJun_Beth2 QWS_JubJun_Beth3 WildPrincessInspiration_Banner_Cindy QWS_JubJun_Cindy1 QWS_JubJun_Cindy2 WildPrincessInspiration_Banner_Henriett QWS_JubJun_Henriett1 QWS_JubJun_Henriett2 WildPrincessInspiration_Banner_Kandice QWS_JubJun_Kandice1   WildPrincessInspiration_Banner_Kendra QWS_JubJun_Kendra1 WildPrincessInspiration_Banner_Lahni 130511 WildPrincessInspiration_Banner_Loni QWS_JubJun_Loni1 QWS_JubJun_Loni2 WildPrincessInspiration_Banner_Mary QWS_JubJun_Mary1 QWS_JubJun_Mary2 WildPrincessInspiration_Banner_Tina QWS_JubJun_Tina1 QWS_JubJun_Tina2

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