Monday, May 20, 2013

It's a Girl Thing Collection and it's free!!

Well I'm very pleased to show you what I was creating the last 6 weeks during my Designer Mentor Class at Scrap N Pieces. I had so much fun learning the correct techniques and how to properly do quality checking on my designs. There was a lot of material to go though but so worth it all. My Mentor was Brooke from Fit 2 Be Scrapped! I was on team 7 and Brooke picked this really cute palette. We all decided that a girls theme would be perfect, SO we called our mini's It's A Girl Thing! Take a look at the color scheme. Isn't adorable!!

The first week we learnt how to do papers. I think my favorite technique was doing my own brush work. My flower and butterfly paper is me using all brushes. So much fun! My paper textures and girl pattern paper is by other designer paper templates but I did put my own spin to them too! The girl template was an element template and I really want the little girl paper so I made it into pattern paper over top another paper easy to do! Plus you can stretch your CU stash! I could making paper forever! Week 2 was all about creating elements. Love making elements from doodles. So easy! So fun! I also tried my hand at exacting a few elements here. I did the little pink butterfly from my daughter's craft stuff and my fabric flower. I wanted a full flower so all I did was exact a simple 8 petal flower and then layered it the lots! Put a sparkle center with button and voila I'm done. Week 3 was about exacting buttons and ribbons. Boy this was the hardest part for me. I could not take a picture of a button to save my life. I must have taken thousands of pictures, they were blurry or too shiny. It just didn't work until Wendy (Wendy Tunison Designs) suggested that I tape it to the wall and try it that way. Well wouldn't you know it I took 10 and they all looked great! I didn't have to much trouble with my scanner for my ribbon. The first scan was perfect. Another hint if you have a scanner that does 600dpi use that setting it helps. 

Week 4 was about making an alpha. I used a doodle alpha template. I love the chalk look these days and wanted to give it a try. My daughter likes her gel pens and I thought using that type of style on my alpha would look cute. I only did lower case alpha and some punctuation. Every thing is PNG format and I included the PNG alpha sheets too!

 Week 5 was about making word art. I love cluster word art, it's so easy to use pre made ones from the store. When I buy a kit I usually buy the bundle especially if it has clustered word arts! But I also collect the Black versions too. Here I made mine easy for you to recolor each part, plus I made just a plain version for you too!

Week 6 was about making templates. I have to say that I thought this week would have been easy but it wasn't. Every layer was quality checked and made into PNG files too! I love double templates so I look at some of my layouts. This template was from one of my layouts from This Scrapper's Got Talent Challenge that was held at Scraps N Pieces. I love templates with lots of room for pictures.

Layout was created with World Traveller a Collab by Keystone Scraps and Wendy Tunison Designs.

You can pick up my creations here in the Photoshop Class Gallery at Scraps N Pieces. My links are direct download for you. Be sure to pick up my teammates mini's too. They also would be labeled It's A Girl Thing! 

I want to thank Lori and Heide the owners of Scraps N Pieces for having such an awesome class with the organizing and providing the tutorials with examples each week made me feel confident now. When I create a kit, word art or templates that I have high standards and know how to make sure they are all quality items for me and you. I love to thank my mentor Brooke, you were so easy to talk with and get help. Loved getting your advice and showing me tips how to do things. I like to thank all the designers for providing us with coupons and free Commercial Use items for our classes. If you were wondering about digital scrapbooking and how to make your own product I HIGHLY recommend taking the next Designer Mentor Class! 

Make sure you take a look at all the teams, everyone has mini's or full kits to offer you for free. But only for 2 weeks. Go here SNP Photoshop Class Gallery!

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