Friday, March 22, 2013

Once Upon A Time release @SM and a freebie!

Kari here to tell you about Meagan's bit of fabulousness for this week.  She's brought Once Upon a Time out of the vault, updated some of it and added a whole bunch of new bits.  Remember, you can get each piece individually of buy the bundle for added savings.  Act quick, it's on sale 20% off for a limited time!  And as always, the previews are linked for you!
The kit:
the word art clusters:
the quickpages:
the glitters:
or for the best deal around, the bundle for only $9:
Fab, right?  Take a look at what the team has done!
They rocked it!!  Ohhh I mentioned a freebie, didn't I?  Yep, here ya go!  Make sure you 'like' Meagan's FB page to pick up this adorable add-on to Once Upon a Time!

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