Tuesday, October 23, 2012

While the Evil genius is away the minions will play



Meanwhile in the lab .....

Publisher Minion: Sail ???? What is this SAIL you speak of? I surely don't understand?

Queen Minion: Not sail as in boat you little twit .... SALE as in let's put the entire True North Scraps store on SALE while the Evil Genius is away!"

Publisher Minion: Oh .... SALE !!!! I get it !!!!

Queen Minion: MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!

During Dawna's (True North Scraps) vacation we minions have a few tricks and treats up our sleeves. 
We have taken over the lab and will be featuring one kit every day starting Today and putting it on sale. 

Todays featured kit is Smooth Sailing 

Here is a layout I made with it. I did this for SNP Oct Template Challenge hosted by Karen Diamond.

And now for a treat - You can save 50% off Smooth Sailing today ONLY (expires Oct 24)
For the coupon Code go check out the TNS Facebook page or if you don't have FB you can go to Scraps N Pieces In Other News forum thread.

Check back there every day to see what kit is featured, and how to snag up on those big savings.
Why not snag up on a great deal each day and add some True North Scraps to your stash if you don't already have some.

And if that wasn't enough .... starting October 29th we minions will be putting on our best disquises and doing some Trick or Treating. We are playing the trick and you all are getting the treats.
Our very special TRICK OR TREAT BLOG HOP starts on October 29th and will last until November 4th so check back here then.

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