Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cluster Me

Missed me!

On Friday, Meagan's Creations came out with a new template set called Cluster Me! These templates are perfect if you need help clustering or if you love to cluster your layouts. I was so excited when I saw this new set I had to try each and everyone of! Grab the template set here for only $2 (everyday low price!) Take a look.


If you head over Meagan's Blog or go to her store at Stuff To Scrap, she has a Cluster Me Template for free, but you better hurry it's only free for a week.

Here's the Layouts I did using all Meagan's Creations kits, Cluster Me Templates and her word art.

I believe I'm all caught up now and I can't wait to try out Meagan's free template.  Have a great weekend or long weekend if you are Canadian!

Artgal Style Ocean Mist and other Re-releases

Hi Everyone!

Been so busy with Hubby's Holidays, His birthday, Cousins wedding, Newlyweds Family BBQ, Hubby's Brother's 40th, My family reunion, Camping trip, Rodeo, Beach trip and Farm sitting for a week...oh don't forget the running to the emergency room for stitches and the Van's water pump exploding along with our normal to do lists (Jackie's group, my physio, dental visits and kids meet and greet with new doctor)...we have been most definitely been busy the last 2 and half weeks. I tried really hard to stay on top of my CT duties but at the internet cafe I couldn't keep the kids busy enough to blog and photo-bucket was being a pain!  So bare with me this might be a long! BUT I had a great time with family and friends and I look forward to a little bit of normal for a while....maybe after I format my computer somehow I have a malware virus and Norton can't handle it.

I want to show you Artgal Style latest kit release Ocean Mist. It is absolutely beautiful! I love colors and how Laramie did her papers. It's on sale this week for $4.99.

Click in the preview or any of the previews to be taken to the store but wait....I have 5 more kits to show you. Next up was Chocolate Nut that was released last week. I love the blues and browns to this kit. Plus all those chocolate elements are so yummy and perfect for any chocolate indulgences.

Now here a list of Re-releases from Scrap That Idea. These first two are on sale for release week.  Technographic is a bundle and includes the page starter cluster curve. I love all those techie elements.

Winter Blessings is beautiful kit with neutral colors and I absolutely love all the icy branches. This is also being released as a bundle.

Here are the re-releases from last week. First one is called Provincial Penguins. Very cute kit with icy blue color and playful penguins.

Last kit I would like to mention is called  Pizza Night. I love how Artgal Style made all those topping perfect for any type of cooking and pizza layouts.

I think that's all the kits that have been released these last two weeks. If you go over to Artgal Style's blog site she usually has a little something extra to give away on release day. Check her out here and take a look at all the beautiful layouts that her team did, they are amazing! Or go to Artgal styles gallery at Plain Digital Wrapper. Now here are a few layouts that I did!

 Happy Scrapping!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Speed Scrap at STS with Meagan

Meagan's Creations is hosting a speed scrap on July 30th and would love to see you there!

And the participation prize is:

I'll definitely try to be there. Hope to see!

Happy scrapping!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

$2 Tuesday at STS

Hey Everyone, Meagan's Creations is having a $2 Tuesday at STS with Smarty Pants and For Better or Worse kits.

Please click on the previews to go to the store to pick up these fabulous kits!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Are We There Yet?

Today Meagan's Creations and Digital Harmony Design Studio has the great Travel Collab out today. This kit is so fun to create any travel, holiday, and vacation layout. I especially love the sign elements. With the 30% off sale for the opening week, that makes the kit $3.49! Click on the preview to go to Meagan's Store at Stuff To Scrap.
The Bundle package is only $6.99 because of opening weeks 30% off. Here's a layout I did of Kaleb playing with his construction truck. He's always getting stuck with it. I also used Meagan's Creations Peekaboo Template #3.
If you want to see more inspiration go to Meagan's Creations Design Gallery at Stuff To Scrap or her Blog.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Artgal Style has 3 released kits today

Hi Everyone, well I didn't make the final round for This Scrapper's Got Talent Contest at Stuff To Scrap but I had a lot of fun and pushed my boundaries. Really that's what it's about, right? Anyways I wanted to talk about Artgal Style new kits being released at PDW called Old Glory. I love these bright vibrant colors and alpha are fantastic. These releases are on sale right now just click on the preview to be taken to the store.
Even though I am Canadian I still came up with a Canada Day Parade Layout.

Here's another great kit called Fly Lady Bug. I just adore Lady bugs and this kit has tons.

Here's a Layout out I did with Kaitlyn's Baba's.

Artgal Style last release for today is called Penny For your thoughts. I really like these colors and the word art is great too! I am currently working on a Layout for this kit just need few finishing touches.

If you want to see more inspiration go to Artgal style Designer Gallery at Plain Digital Wrapper and to her blog.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Artgal Style has 3 released kits

HI! Artgal Style has 3 kits being released today at Plain Digital Wrapper! Yeah!

Graduate is a fantastic kit to scrap any layouts for graduation ceremonies. Click on the preview to be taken to the store.

and the layout I did of my grad.
Lavish Green. A great kit to scrap any spa, bath or beauty parlor layouts. I love the greens and blues of this kit. Click on the preview to go to Laramie's store at Plain Digital Wrapper.
Here's my Layout I did with the kids having fun in our new bathroom.
And Remember the sneak peak from earlier well here's the full reveal, The Eyes Have it!
Here's my layout I did with this fantastic kit.
Make sure to stop by Artgal Style blog she has more inspiration and a free Add on to go with The Eyes Have It!

Well that's it for today. If you don't hear from me have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Sunset by Meagan's Creations

Wow, it's been awhile since my last post! I have been a little busier than normal hubby is on holidays and doing a lot of fun stuff with kids. I hope everyone had a great time this last long, it was quite fun for us.

Meagan's creations has a new kit being released today at Stuff  To Scrap called Summer Sunset. It is a very beautiful kit. I love these reds, oranges and yellows. I scraped some pics that I have been hanging on to for awhile now. It was the first time we went to the circus and Kaitlyn getting her face painted. She just loved it! Here's a look at the kit.
Just a small note, I made it to Round 4 for This Scrapper Got Talent at Stuff to Scrap, Yeah! I still have to find that perfect picture and kit!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Artgal Style at Plain Digital Wrapper

Yeah! Artgal Style has found a new place to sell her beautiful kits, Plain Digital Wrapper. Laramie has a new kit to be released soon. Here's a sneak peek at her amazing new kit!

Up, Up and Away Released Today

Happy Canada Day! Yippee,We are 144 years old today! Can't wait to see some amazing fireworks tonight.

But I also wanted to mention that Meagan's kit Up, Up and Away is in her store now and if you missed it earlier you can still get it 40% off right now. This is a Super cute kit.Check out my Layout I did.
Click on the kit preview to be taken to Meagan's Creation Store.

I also used one of Meagan's Fabulous templates from her collection, Template Vol 5 #4.